Dot Click - The Reaction Time Game!

Test your reaction time by playing Dot Click!
  1. Click on "START", this will start the 30 second timer!
  2. Click on the highlighted circle in the grid.
  3. The circle will move to another location, click on it again and again until your time is up!
  4. Each correct click will give you 1 point.
  5. You will LOSE a point for each incorrect click!

Purpose of Dot Click - reaction game

Dot Click is a wonderful reaction game that has multiple uses. It simultaneously tests multiple skills:

  • Reaction time / speed
  • Peripheral vision
  • Hand-Eye coordination
  • Other: general mouse and/or touchpad movement speed and accuracy

Unlike other reaction games, Dot Click offers stimulation to MULTIPLE sections of the brain, allowing quicker development in reaction time.

For best results, play Dot Click - the best reaction game twice a day to improve your reaction time! To see how much you have improved, take the reaction test once as a baseline, and then take it again after a few days of playing Dot Click to see your improvement in reaction time!

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Top 10 fastest average reaction times!:
# Time (sec) Name
1 0 anonymous
2 0 anonymous
3 0 anonymous
4 1.0E-5 anonymous
5 0.001 aslam
6 0.001 anonymous
7 0.001 anonymous
8 0.001 anonymous
9 0.001 anonymous
10 0.0676 aslam
Are you quicker? Test your reaction time!

The top 10 scores in the dots reaction game!:
# Dots Name
1 2147483647 anonymous
2 2147483647 anonymous
3 2147483647 anonymous
4 2147483647 anonymous
5 667 anonymous
6 666 anonymous
7 635 anonymous
8 582 anonymou
9 578 pe
10 575 pe
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