Improving Reaction Time

Was your reaction test not up to par? Or do you feel insecure about your reaction time around others? Well, that's okay! We can help! This section of the site is solely dedicated to helping you improve reaction time! Improving your reaction time can be fun, and the following are Eight simple ways of improving reaction time:
  1. SLEEP! - One of the easiest ways to improve your reaction time is to get enough sleep! Not sleeping enough obviously makes you feel sluggish, but it also hinders your ability to react! To see just HOW MUCH this actually affects you, try taking the reaction test while your sleepy, and again after a good nights sleep!
  2. Eat Right - What does food have to do with reaction time? More than you may think! Eating the right foods can actually help you improve your reaction time! Studies have shown that the fats in certain Fish (Omega-3) help to improve your reaction time and accuracy! Apparently the proper fats can help to "lubricate your neurons!"
  3. No Drugs / Alcohol - Stop with the drinking! Alcohol is a depressant that inhibits your bodily functions (even though it may seem like it's doing the opposite). Also, you may think that the effects only last while under the influence, this is NOT true! Prolonged drinking can hinder your reaction speed permanently! Many other drugs have the same effect.
  4. Drink Coffee - This does NOT mean drink coffee every day to the point that if you don't drink it, you get headaches! That mean's you are addicted! If you are not a coffee drinker, and you ingest even a small amount of caffeine, it can help you react quicker! The caffeine acts as a stimulant in your body and decreases the time required to react!
  5. Exercise and Stay in Shape - Staying in shape helps you keep total control over your gross and fine motor skills, meaning this helps you to maintain full functionality of your body! Once you start letting yourself go, you start letting your reaction speeds go!
  6. Practice - If you are trying to improve reaction time for a specific activity, it helps to practice THAT particular activity! Duh! If you want to improve your reaction time for swinging a baseball bat, you obviously go to the batting range. If you want to improve your score on the reaction test, you try to complete it at least once a day!
  7. Anticipate - This kind of goes hand in hand with #6 above. Once you practice an activity enough, you can slowly learn to anticipate what is going to happen when. You can then keep your body relaxed, and let your subconcious take care of the reaction for you. This one item will GREATLY improve your reaction time!
  8. Improve Focus and Hand Eye Coordination - One of the best ways to improve reaction time is by improving your general focus and hand-eye coordination! This is the purpose of our reaction game, Dot Click! Play Dot Click just once or twice a day for even just a week, and see how much your reaction time improves!
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Top 10 fastest average reaction times!:
# Time (sec) Name
1 0 anonymous
2 0 anonymous
3 0 anonymous
4 1.0E-5 anonymous
5 0.001 aslam
6 0.001 anonymous
7 0.001 anonymous
8 0.001 anonymous
9 0.001 anonymous
10 0.0676 aslam
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The top 10 scores in the dots reaction game!:
# Dots Name
1 2147483647 anonymous
2 2147483647 anonymous
3 2147483647 anonymous
4 2147483647 anonymous
5 667 anonymous
6 666 anonymous
7 635 anonymous
8 582 anonymou
9 578 pe
10 575 pe
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