Reaction Time

There are various types of reaction times. The most basic one is simple reaction time, which is just a single response to a stimulus. This just measures the time it takes for you to respond to a stimulus. For example, if somebody is going to tell you to jump up, all you have to do is jump when they tell you. Simple reaction time is the time between the stimulus (the person telling you to jump), and you actually jumping.

There is also choice reaction time, which adds another layer. Choice reaction time is what you use when you react based on the stimulus. For example, if you had to either jump up or sit down based on an order you are given, you have to:

  1. Hear the order
  2. Make the choice of whether to sit down or stand up (based on the order)
  3. Actually stand up, or sit down
  4. Your choice reaction time is usually slower than your simple reaction time, just because of the added layer (step 2 above).


The actual stimulus can be just about anything:

  • visual - seeing something
  • auditory - hearing something
  • etc.
Just about anything that can stimulate any one of your five senses can be considered a stimulus. For the reaction test, we will focus on a visual stimulus. Average reaction time in humans for a visual stimulus can vary GREATLY based on the below factors. For the current average reaction time for the users of this site, please see the average reaction times page!.


ANY number of factors can affect your reaction time! Some of these are obvious, but some of them you may not even know about! Here is a small (partial) list of factors that can have an effect on your reaction time:

  • Being on the phone
  • Being Drunk
  • Being High
  • With the other hand
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Getting too much sleep
  • In the morning
  • At night
  • After drinking coffee/soda
  • While happy
  • While sad
  • Intensity of the stimulus
  • Body temperature
  • Under stress
  • After a massage
  • While hung-over
  • Being old
  • After sex
  • etc.

Curious as to what your reaction time is while you are drunk/sleepy/after sex? Take the reaction time test and find out!
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Top 10 fastest average reaction times!:
# Time (sec) Name
1 0 anonymous
2 0 anonymous
3 0 anonymous
4 1.0E-5 anonymous
5 0.001 aslam
6 0.001 anonymous
7 0.001 anonymous
8 0.001 anonymous
9 0.001 anonymous
10 0.0676 aslam
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The top 10 scores in the dots reaction game!:
# Dots Name
1 2147483647 anonymous
2 2147483647 anonymous
3 2147483647 anonymous
4 2147483647 anonymous
5 667 anonymous
6 666 anonymous
7 635 anonymous
8 582 anonymou
9 578 pe
10 575 pe
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