Reaction Test

Test your Reaction Time!

  1. Click on [start], the three red dots should appear...
  2. Wait for the dots to change to the word "STOP"
  3. Click on [stop] as fast as you can!
  4. Your time will be recorded.
  5. Do this five times!

Change background color in:

Test 1:
Test 2:
Test 3:
Test 4:
Test 5:

Reaction Time Test Purpose

The reaction timer within this reaction time test is meant to measure the time between an external visual stimulus (the big red "STOP" text), and the time it takes for your brain to send a response signal.

Reaction times can be affected my many things, sometimes MUCH more than you can imagine!

To actually SEE how much of an affect external activities can affect your reaction time, try taking this test:

  • While on the phone
  • While Drunk
  • With the other hand
  • After getting four hours of sleep
  • After getting eight hours of sleep
  • In the morning
  • At night
  • After drinking coffee/soda
  • While happy
  • While sad
  • etc.
There are an INFINITE number of factors that can affect how quickly you are able to react to a situation. Use this test to find out your optimal reaction scenario (ORS), so that you can use this knowledge to your advantage!

Is your reaction time not as quick as you would like it? Get ideas for improving reaction time!

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Top 10 fastest average reaction times!:
# Time (sec) Name
1 0 anonymous
2 0 anonymous
3 0 anonymous
4 1.0E-5 anonymous
5 0.001 aslam
6 0.001 anonymous
7 0.001 anonymous
8 0.001 anonymous
9 0.001 anonymous
10 0.0676 aslam
Are you quicker? Test your reaction time!

The top 10 scores in the dots reaction game!:
# Dots Name
1 2147483647 anonymous
2 2147483647 anonymous
3 2147483647 anonymous
4 2147483647 anonymous
5 667 anonymous
6 666 anonymous
7 635 anonymous
8 582 anonymou
9 578 pe
10 575 pe
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